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Flexible approach to assess marketing performance and to implement solutions deliver high quality customer results and win a new business

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Clay ponds consultancy is one of the leading service providers in all terms of project management service and marketing strategy and consultant accordingly all kind of social media service we have traversed an enriching journey of more than decades and has emerged as one of the largest marketing and service provider in terms of all call center service and it’s a top marketing and solution provider supporting all kind of customers from small and medium business. Read More..

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to application of marketing strategies to electronic communication devices.

Social Media Marketing

A subset of digital marketing, social media marketing uses social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to reach potential clients.

Global Marketing

Between globalization and the internet, some of the world’s largest companies have develope global brands.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing in clay ponds as commercials or ads and relies on customer happiness instead.

Brand Management

Brand management attempts to create a bond between customer and a particular company’s brand.

Product Development

Product development is the process of transforming a business opportunity into a sellable product or service.

In B2B there are several important factors to consider when developing a marketing strategy. More specifically Clayponds Consultancy, will evaluate


Marketing orientation refers to the guiding principles of the business itself, often referred to as business philosophy or corporate culture. Typically, organizations will decide to orient around product, sales, production or marketing.


The marketing mix functions as a decision-making guide for a company’s marketing efforts. A modern marketing mix will usually focus on the four Cs: client/customer, cost, convenience and communication.


The marketing environment refers to every factor that could impact a company in the execution of marketing strategy or decision-making. In this vein, companies should consider the internal environment within their organization. External factors such as macro and micro environments are also important to consider.


The target market refers to the characteristics of a company’s ideal client case. Research and segmentation efforts can help isolate the geographic and demographic factors that will help a company market and sell its products or services.